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Features — May 22, 2015

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Will Serena or Novak Capture The Holy Grail of Tennis?

The Holy Grail of Tennis — four slams in a calander year — one of the most difficult feats in all of sports. On the women's side it hasn't been done since Steffi Graf turned the trick in 1988. No man has done it since Rod Laver nearly five decades ago, although Connors, Wilander, and Federer have come close. However, long time TennisOne contributor, Paul Fein, thinks this might be the year, with Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic separating themselves from the fields.

When to Hit Hard

Watching the pros play, we often marvel at their ability to power through the ball, and more often than not, the winning shot in a rally is a screamer. But what we fail to notice is the variety of shots that kept them in the long rally and allowed them to set up for the winner. In this video, In tennis there are times you want to add power, but there are times you want to neutralize power or even decrease power. Jorge Capestany presents a great drill that will help you make the right decisions.

Using the Legs to Create Topspin — TennisOne Classic

The name of the game in tennis these days is topspin. The harder players hit the ball, the more topspin they have to generate to keep the ball from flying off the court. And topspin is all about the legs. In this TennisOne Classic from a few years ago, WTA and ATP touring coach, Mark Gellard, takes you on the court with tennis pro Melinda Czink and inside the gym to show you how to get the most out of your topspin groundstrokes.

ProStrokes 3.0 — Sabine Lisicki Serve

Who's the biggest server on the WTA tour? Most people would say Serena Williams, and while she may very well be the best server, she's not the biggest. Nor is her sister, the former champ, Venus Williams. At last year's Bank of the West tournament in Palo Alto, Sabine 'Boom Boom' Lisicki, cracked a serve 131 mph setting the new standard. This 25 year-old, out of Troisdorf, Germany, turned pro in 2006 and, except for an ankle injury in 2010 which kept her off the tour for five months, she has been consistently inside the top 20.

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From Last Issue

Forehand Transition Footwork Patterns

In this video analysis, Christophe Delavaut breaks down the transition footwork on the forehand side. Christophe shows you how the best players in the world (Federer, Rafa, Djokovic, and others) move through the ball while hitting the three different types of short balls — the ball in the middle of the court, the one out wide on the forehand side, and the short ball on the backhand side where players run-around it and hit the inside-out forehand.

Understand "Line of Sight" for Better Tennis

For tennis, line of sight implications are numerous and it is certainly one of the important things to understand if you want to minimize your unforced errors on a tennis court. In this article Joe Dinoffer shares three crucial “facts” about the line of sight to keep in mind. Then he analyzes the impact of line of sight reasoning for the serve, groundstrokes, and volleys. From these three groupings, you should be able to expand this concept into specialty shots like dropshots, lobs, and overheads, as well as how to play better defensive tennis.

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