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Features — November 22, 2014

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Weight Shift, Part 2: Timing and the Drive

In part one of his treatise on weight shift, Doug King talked about leveling and straightening, focusing on the role of the larger muscle groups and how they help generate racquet head speed and power in the stroke. In part two, King shifts his attention to the timing of the weight shift and the most critical moment of the stroke, the contact of the ball and he relates this to the activities of riding a bike and rowing a boat.

Federer's Backhand — The Footwork

In this pro analysis lesson, Coach Jorge Capestany take a look at Roger Federer's one-handed backhand, focusing in on his footwork, Many players think the ideal one-hander should be hit with a closed stance, however, the footwork used on the shot is really dependant on the shot you receive and less on what you prefer. To master this stroke Roger Federer has learned to hit the one-handed backhand from a variety of positions and so should you.

The Excessive Slice Backhand

The slice backhand is an integral part of the modern game, however, there are many variations of this stroke — the drive slice, the inside out, and the floater to name a few. In this TennisOne Classic from a few years ago, touring coach, Heath Waters focuses on the biting slice that Roger Federer uses so effectively to befuddle opponents. It's a ball that stays very low and forces opponents into uncomfortable positions. Coach Waters show you how to execute this very important shot.

ProStrokes 3.0 — Fabio Fognini's Net Game

Fabio Fognini is a 27 year-old player out of Sanremo, Italy. He has won three career titles and has amassed almost five million dollars in prize money. Fognini reached a career high ranking of number 13 in March of this year. He is currently ranked 20 in the world. Fognini is predominantly a counter puncher, but he has the ability to turn defense into offense, especially on clay, which is his best surface. His movement is extremely fluid, almost nonchalant, in fact his play appears casual and effortless. Fognini's best stroke is his forehand, which he likes to set up in combination with a wide serve but he's not afraid to take his backhand down-the-line particularly in key moments/points during a match.

TennisOne Newsletter: Have You Got Game?

From Last Issue

Roger Federer and the Contact

Roger Federer is perhaps the smoothest most graceful player of all time. His play seems at times almost effortless and no one stays focused on the contact longer than the Fed. But why he does this may surprise you. A lot of experts think he keeps his head still in order to watch the ball hit the strings, but the speed at which the contact takes place renders that impossible. In this video, Christophe Delavaut shows you the real reason Federer does this and how you can incorporate it into your own game.


Jimmy Connors, when asked how he could stay focused when he was so far behind in a match, famously answered, "The ball doesn't know the score." Tennis is a game of constant pressure — pressure from your opponent to be sure, but there is also the pressure we put on ourselves in critical situations. And it's how we handle this pressure that truly separates the top players from the rest of the field. In this video, Jim McLennan talks about mindfulness — the art of blocking out all distractions and staying in the present.

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