Notice to TennisOne Subscribers

This is John Yandell and I want to let you know that my digital magazine,, has acquired the domain name for TennisOne from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Without notice to you, TennisOne declared bankruptcy in February 2016. This is why you could not reach the site and your emails went unreturned. Through the court proceedings TennisOne has discharged all its debts and this includes any it may have had to subscribers. Regardless of issues of fairness, TennisOne principals will not be making refunds on the balance of your subscription, or are they legally so obligated. In addition no TennisOne revenue, subscription or otherwise, has passed through to Tennisplayer as a result of this transaction.

One piece of good news is TennisOne no longer has access to your credit card information and you will absolutely not receive any further charges from TennisOne.

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If you wish to alter the privacy setting you agreed to with TennisOne allowing you to receive this offer, Click Here to send an email to and we will gladly delete you from future mailings.

I am excited about the future because I feel we have the opportunity to bring a superior product to you as a loyal TennisOne subscriber, one that we feel will also compensate for the unexpected loss of your subscription.

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John Yandell

PS: If you have questions or comments feel free to email me at