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Features — February 1, 2016

Check out "Defeating the Monsters in the Mind" TennisOne Newsletter.

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Defeating the Monsters in the Mind

Ken DeHart tackles a subject that even the top pros are forced to deal with, and that is the little monsters in the mind that pop up during matches and make the things we usually do without thought much more problematic. Ken examines the four key aspects that effect your game, technique, strategy, movement, and the fourth, and quite probably the hardest to control, the mental part. And here is where these monsters can intervene and detrimentally impact the other three aspects of your game.

Learning to Deal With the High Ball

The high ball can be very challenging if you are unsure how to handle it and many students struggle with this shot. Sure, the ideal situation would be to move back far enough to take the ball at waist level or to move forward and take the ball on the rise, but sometimes that just isn't practical, and other times you may want to take the ball at shoulder or head height to be able to hit the ball down into the court offensively. Either way here are two ideas Jordan Coons teaches his clients to be able to hit the high ball more effectively.

ProStrokes 3.0 — Mona Barthel Net Game

Mona Barthel, out of Neumünster, Germany, turned pro in 2009. She has won three singles and two doubles titles on the WTA tour as well as five singles and one doubles title on the ITF circuit in her career. Barthel plays an aggressive baseline game with plenty of power off both wings. She moves well around the court, has a strong serve and is not afraid to approach the net. On defense, she is noted for her aggressive return of serve, as well as for her scrambling ability.

TennisOne Newsletter: Defeating the Monsters in the Mind

From Last Issue

Reboot Your Game

As we say adios to 2015 and usher in a new year, there is no more universal activity than the obsession to better ourselves, our lives, and our ambitions. So, you've been playing tennis at the same level for years without improving, isn't it about time to "Reboot Your Game?" In the first of a series of articles by master professional Dave Smith, you will learn what it takes to do just that. Come along for the ride if you dare.

Figure 8 — Forehand/Backhand

Legendary fitness guru, Pat Etcheberry is back with another important drill to help you with your groundstroke footwork. Work this drill every other day for just a few minutes and you will get better. Remember to work it at a speed at which you can maintain proper control of the racquet. So start slowly until you master the motion, then gradually pick up speed. Just remember to maintain your good form.

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