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Features — April 22, 2014

That's the Way the Ball Bounces (two)

Topspin balls bounce high, slice bounces stay low, and balls bounce slower on gravel than on grass or concrete. All these things we think we know about a bouncing tennis ball, however, they won't help us to play better — and that's because none of them are true. Take Jerôme Inen's little test and see how much you truly understand about the way the ball bounces.

High Performance Drills: Sampras' Leaping Overhead

Anyone who had watched tennis during the Pete Sampras era probably has an indelible impression of his iconic leaping overhead.In the current era, this shot has become more common as we see Federer and others use it. In the sixth of his drills for high performance players, Jorge Capestany, pushes his students even further as he has them recreate this difficult shot. Most of us will never attempt anything like this, however, for top players it should be a normal part of the arsenal.

Body Works: Getting the Body into the Shot

In this TennisOne classic, Doug King examines the fundamental difference between how the game is played today versus how we have always taught the game, and that is the shift of power out of the racquet and into the body. We have always been told, “Get your body into the shot,” but I would suggest that the commonly held principles of how this happens are quite misunderstood. In fact the conventional wisdom of getting the body into the shot often produces the opposite effect..

ProStrokes 3.0 — Novak Djokovic Sequences

Today putting up some highspeed sequences of the great champion, Novak Djokovic, in the new TennisOne ProStrokes 3.0. ProStrokes 3.0 offers the same great slow-motion video with a 20% larger viewing area for even better detail. Novak's footwork, court coverage, and ball striking ability are on full display here. Notice how he is rarely out of position and displays great balance even in difficult situations. There is a lot to study and learn from.

From Last Issue

The ATP & WTA Backhand Comparison

Christophe Delavaut has taken an in-depth look at the difference in forehand technique employed by players on the ATP Tour and the WTA Tour. But what about the backhand? Well, something similar is taking place on the backhand side as well. The men's game has gotten even faster and more physical. This has caused a need to be much quicker to the ball, and in effect imparted a necessary technical change to the two-handed topspin backhand groundstroke. Just like on the forehand side, the men seem to be leading the way in this evolution.

Creating Independent Athletes

W. Timothy Gallwey’s, book the “Inner Game of Tennis” questioned the traditional way of coaching and in doing so inspired coaches and players to the idea that the subconscious mind is so powerful that you can allow pupils to find learning for themselves. It is now widely accepted that when people teach themselves and they have ownership of information they improve a lot faster. Giving responsibility and forcing pupils to think and come up with answers for themselves is more difficult at the start, long-term it pays dividends. David Sammel

ProStrokes 3.0 — Elena Vesnina, Serve & Net Game

Today we're introducing TennisOne ProStrokes 3.0. ProStrokes 3.0 offers the same great slow-motion video with a 20% larger viewing area for even better detail.

Elena Vesnina is a Russian professional tennis player coached by former ATP tour player Andrei Chesnokov. Her career high ranking is World No. 21, which she achieved in July 2013. To date she has won 2 WTA, 2 ITF singles titles along with 10 WTA, 6 ITF doubles titles and has amassed over 4 million dollars in prize money. Vesnina plays right-handed and is an excellent baseline player with a powerful two-handed backhand. She is also quite comfortable at the net. Elena won the 2013 French Open doubles championship with her partner, Ekaterina Makarova. New this issue, Vesnina'sserve and net game.

TennisOne Newsletter: Holding Your Ground: Court Position and Shot Selection

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