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TennisOne Lesson Library

To Search the TennisOne website: Simply use your browser search capability. For the Internet Explorer browser, choose "Edit" from the tool bar at the top left of your browser, and then choose "Find (on this page)." Type in your search request and hit "Find Next" in the popup dialogue box.

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Overview of TennisOne Lesson Library

Rather than offering one tip each month, TennisONE provides a whole library of tennis lessons. Anytime you have a problem on the court, check out TennisONE's lesson page to find the solution. We've built our library of lessons using the top local teaching pros as well as nationally recognized industry figures.

The TennisONE library covers all six dimensions of the game of tennis: 1) theories, 2) strokes and mechanics, 3) strategies, 4) mentality, 5) fitness, and 6) fun

TennisONE Library Wings

I. Overview

Babolat Pure Drive Team Standard
The Pure Drive will appeal most to 4.0-5.0 level players, although Carlos Moya and Kim Clijsters show us it's suitable for tour level players as well.

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II. Tennis Strokes & Mechanics

III. Tennis Strategy

IV. Mental Toughness

V. Fitness and Health

VI. Fun

VII Features

VIII Travel

IX Interviews

X ProPortraits

XI ProStrokes Gallery

I. Overview

Theories of the Game

  • The Secret Game of Tennis, by Jack Broudy
    • Part 1: Introduction: "This is the first in a series of articles exploring the illusive and secret game of tennis. It is an internal game of balance and harmony that is expressed outwardly by effortless, fluid strokes and a passion for the game."
    • Part 2: The Geometry of Tennis and Life Broudy discusses the "Infinity" sign or inverted figure 8 lemniscate. That geometric figure is the basis, or the blueprint for effortless, controlled and balanced (in every sense of the word) groundstrokes. It is the motherform for the entire game.
    • Part 3: Confidence in the Center Paying attention to the ball as it relates to the center of your body provides the proper perspective for playing your best and most focused tennis at all times.
    • Part 4: The 45º Angle Jack Broudy reveals how you too can learn to draw the ball into that same hitting zone these pros use.
    • Part 5: A New Approach for the New Millennium

II. Strokes & Mechanics


Ground Strokes



Net Play



Specialty Shots


Video Tips


Juniors Lessons

Pro Tips

Special Features

Teaching Kids

III. Strategy

A. Singles

B. Doubles

Pattern Play

Tennis Drills

IV. Mental Toughness

V. Fitness and Health

VI. Fun

Line Calls

Rule of the Week


  • "A Tale of Two Titaniums" TennisONE editor Mike Whittington reviews two of the most popular titanium racquets: the Head TiS7 and the Prince Thunderstrike 1200/900 longbody.
  • "The Softer the Better?" TennisONE editor Mike Whittington reviews three of the most popular strings on the market: VS Fiberfeel by Babolat, Dunlop's Max Comfort, and Gamma TNT Rx.


VII Features

VIII Travel

IX Interviews

Streaming Views

X ProPortraits

XI ProStrokes Gallery

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