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TennisOne Help

TennisOne is committed to being the best tennis instructional website on the net. To help our members get the most out of our site we have prepared this help page. If you experience difficulties or issues that are not addressed here, please contact us at

When contacting us, please include a brief description of the problem in the subject line of your email. This will help ensure that our spam filters don't prevent your email from reaching us.

These instructions are written for Microsoft Internet Explorer since the vast majority of our members use that browser. If you have any difficulties using these instructions for a different browser please contact us at

Version information for your browser:


Browser Support

TennisOne videos
    Special Note for Mac OS X (Tiger) Users

TennisOne Newsletter

TennisOne Search Engine

1. Account Setup
The registration process to become a member of the TennisOne website is completely automated and secure. TennisOne uses a Thawte SSL Certificate to ensure secure communications between your web browser and our web server during the registration process. In the unlikely event that a problem does occur while signing up, or if there are any questions with the charges to your credit card please contact

2. Alternate payment method
If you would prefer not to use your credit card on our secure serve when signing up for a new account, you can mail your check to:

18100 Christeph Drive
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Please include your email address and you will be contacted as soon as your check arrives.

3. Gift membership
A subscription to TennisOne is a wonderful gift to give to the tennis player in your life. Please contact for assistance in giving a gift subscription.

4. Problems Accessing the site
Cookies must be enabled to access the TennisOne site. To enable cookies click on the Tools menu and select the Internet Options menu item. Click on the Privacy tab and ensure that first-party cookies are accepted.

If the privacy slider is available, then slide the setting down to medium-high or lower. If the privacy slider is not available, then click on the Advanced button and select the radio button to accept first-party cookies.

Alternatively, your browser can be configured to accept cookies only from selected website, such as TennisOne. Please refer to your browser's help system for help in configuring your browser to work with cookies from selected sites.

5. Changing your Account Information
To change your contact information: After you log in, click on My Account. From there you can change your log in, password or email address.

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Although the majority of our members are using Internet Explorer, the TennisOne website is designed to run on all popular browers. If you are having issues that you think might be related to the browser you're using please contact us at Listed below are the issues we are currently aware of.

1) Internet Explorer 5.0 on Macs
There is a know problem with the 5.0 version of Internet Explorer for Macs that will cause the error "Security failure. Data decryption error." to be displayed when accessing secure pages, such as the new registration or renewal pages. Please use a different browser such as Safari or Netscape to register or renew your account.

2) QuickTime problem with Jaguar on Mac OS X
The QuickTime movies used in the ProStrokes Gallery are not displaying correctly when viewed through the Jaguar browser using the new Mac OS X (Tiger) operating system. Until a patch is released from Apple to fix this problem please use a different browser to access and view these movies. In the meantime we're continuing to investigate possible work-arounds.

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1) Problems viewing videos
Please verify the following if you are having difficulties viewing the TennisOne videos:

  1. Verify that QuickTime is installed and working on your computer by launching the QuickTime application. Click on the Start button and select All Programs/QuickTime/QuickTime Player. The QuickTime Player should launch. Click here to download the free QuickTime Player from Apple's website.
  2. Your browser must be enabled for animated gifs and to play embedded movies. To change these settings, click on the Tools menu and select the Internet Options menu item. Click on the Advanced tab and verify that the checkboxes to Play animations in web pages, Play sounds in web pages, and Play videos in web pages are all enabled.
  3. Check the configuration of your firewall, if any, and verify that it is set to allow animated gifs and embedded movies.

If you continue to experience difficulties please contact

2) Downloading TennisOne videos
To download videos and store them on your computer you will need to upgrade to QuickTime Pro. Click here to purchase and download QuickTime Pro.

Please note that all TennisOne material is copyrighted and intended for your own personal use only. Redistributing or making copyrighted material available to others is strictly prohibited.

3) QuickTime7 problem with Safari on Mac OS X (Tiger)
The QuickTime movies used in the ProStrokes Gallery are not displaying correctly when viewed through the Safari browser using the new Mac OS X (Tiger) operating system. Until a patch is released from Apple to fix there are three possible solutions.

Solution 1: Use a Different Browser

Perhaps the easiest solution is to simply use a different browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla to access the TennisOne site.

Solution 2: Downgrade to QuickTime 6.5.2

Apple has provided a utility to remove QuickTime 7 and reinstall QuickTime 6.5.2. The QuickTime 6.5.2 Reinstaller can be downloaded by clicking here to go to Apple's support page.

Solution 3: Archive QuickTime Plugin.webplugin

If you'd like to continue to use Apple's Safari browser without downgrading to QuickTime 7 you can easily archive the QuickTime Plugin.webplugin file and you will then be able to view the videos on the TennisOne site. To archive the QuickTime Plugin.webplugin file, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Library>Internet Plug-in folder located on your hard-drive.
  2. Select the QuickTime Plugin.webplugin file by clicking on it.
  3. Choose Create Archive of "QuickTime Plugin.webplugin" from the File menu. This will create a new zip file called "QuickTime", and leaves the original file in place.
  4. Delete the existing QuickTime Plugin.webplugin file. (This file can be restored by double-clicking on the zip file if you later decide you need it.)
  5. Quit completely out of the Safari browser and restart it. You should now be able to view the videos. It's possible that you'll need to restart you computer before these changes will be go into effect.

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1) Problems receiving the TennisOne Newsletter
If you are having problems receiving the TennisOne Newsletter, please verify that your email client is not treating mail from TennisOne@tennisonenewscom as SPAM. Please refer to your email program's help system for instructions on configuring the SPAM filter.

2) Problems with the format of the TennisOne Newsletter
If you are having problems with the format of the TennisOne Newsletter, please verify that you email client is set to support HTML content and not just plain text. You should also verify that your email client is set to allow images to be displayed.

3) Subsubcribing and unsubscribing to the TennisOne Newsletter
To subscribe to the TennisOne Newsletter simply click here and fill in the appropriate fields in the upper right-hand corner of the TennisOne site. To unsubscribe to the TennisOne Newsletter simply click on the link provided at the bottom of every Newsletter.

TennisOne members may also subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the email address associated with their account by logging into the TennisOne site and then clicking on the MyAccount button.

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Doing a search on TennisOne is fun and easy. Simply type one or more search terms (the words or phrase that best describe the information you want to find) into the search box and hit the 'Go' key. In response, TennisOne produces a results page: a list of TennisOne web pages related to your search terms, with the most relevant page appearing first , then the next, and so on.

TennisOne simplifies the display of the results page by organizing the content into three different areas:

  1. Articles (general articles, lessons, and tips)
  2. Prostrokes (videos of your favorite professional men/women tennis players)
  3. Newsletters (free content published weeklyl)

Search results for both the Articles and Newletters will include the author's name.

As a TennisOne member, you may navigate to content in any of the three areas. If you are a guest, you are limited to the free content area.

Choosing Search Words

Choosing the right search terms is the key to finding the information you need. Start with the obvious - if your'e looking for general information on Agassi, try Agassi. If you are looking for more specific information such as Agassi's forehand then try Agassi Forehand.


TennisOne searches are case insensitive. All letters, regardless of how you type them, will be understood as lower case. For example, searches for Andre Agassi, andre agassi, and aNdRe AgAsSi will all return the same results.

Types of Searches

If the checkbox titled Match any keyword is unchecked (i.e the default), if you enter multiple search words, TennisOne will only return pages that contain all of the required search words.

If the checkbox titled Match any keyword is checked, if you enter multiple search words, TennisOne will return any page that contains at least one of the required search words.

Display Occurrences

By default, TennisOne will display the first five most revelant occurrences in each of the areas. As a TennisOne member you can modify these preferences by modifying them within your My TennisOne page. Select the My Preferences tab and use the drop-down boxes to select the number of occurences you would like displayed for each area. If you change a selection make sure to click on the Save Search Options button.


  1. Find information on different tennis grips: grips
  2. Find information and view videos on Agassi's backhand: Agassi Backhand
  3. Find articles by Jim McLennan: McLennan

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