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Semiwestern Forehand - Agassi

The modern derivation of the eastern forehand. The hand rotates under the racquet one eighth turn from the eastern position with the "V" of the hand intersecting line 3.

Reference points: base knuckle of the thumb is on the first bevel, palm is beneath the handle, fingers are spread.

Point of contact: even with the left heel.

Optimum contact height: above the knee and below shoulder.

Feel: coming up and over the ball with topspin. Stroke, long and whippy.

Pros and cons: a stronger grip, more racquet speed and ball spin. More difficult to transition to continental and eastern backhand grips. Favors players who generally prefer the backcourt and two handed backhand. Easier to come over high, loopy balls with topspin than Eastern or Contintal grips.

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